How the FBI has been ‘muzzling’ a whistleblower

July 15, 2021 0 Comments

A former FBI agent who blew the whistle on misconduct and misconduct by a senior agent in the bureau’s human resources division has been told she will not be allowed to leave the agency, according to an internal letter obtained by CBC News.

The letter, sent Thursday by FBI Director Christopher Wray, said a new Human Resources Director, who will take office in February, will be in place by then and will not allow Ms. Rieck to leave.

Ms. Wray also said she will work to “maintain and enhance” the integrity of the bureau and that the FBI will “not hesitate to take appropriate action” if it finds violations.

“We must be mindful of the need to protect the public trust and ensure the integrity and effectiveness of our investigative work,” Mr. Wrays letter said.

In the letter, FBI Director Wray said he expects Ms. Rose to continue “working with the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) to ensure that we continue to protect public trust in the FBI.”

In an interview, Ms. Kiefer said she feels betrayed.

“I don’t feel I am a whistleblower, but I do feel betrayed by the fact that I didn’t do anything,” she said.

“It seems to me that I did everything right in my career.

I just got caught up in it, and now I’m a whistleblower and they’re saying I can’t leave.

It’s just frustrating.”

Ms. Sussman, who left the bureau after nearly a decade, said she has been “pushed out of the FBI by the management of the office.”

She said her only choice has been to leave with the help of a lawyer, who declined to comment for this article.

The former agent said she believes her actions helped expose a pattern of unethical behavior by her supervisor and also a pattern by FBI managers to cover up misconduct.

“As I have tried to explain to people that I worked for, I have not been able to get into the FBI, I just did not want to,” she told CBC News in an interview.

“The fact that they have now made me leave doesn’t make me feel good.

It makes me sad.”

Mr. Riedel was fired from the bureau in 2015 after he filed a complaint with the FBI’s Office of Civil Rights alleging that a supervisor had violated his civil rights.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Comey, during their news conference Thursday, praised Ms. OCR’s investigation of the misconduct by Mr. Kefer.

“He is a very highly regarded, respected, and successful employee of the federal government,” Mr Trump said.

Ms Kiefers complaint was the result of her own investigation.

The bureau’s ethics office investigated Ms. Dickey’s complaint, and after months of discussions, decided to terminate her employment.

It said it had reason to believe Ms. Coughlin’s complaint was “not credible.”

Ms Coughlins complaint, which alleges she was sexually harassed and discriminated against at the FBI office, also was dismissed, but was reopened in December 2016 and was re-opened in March 2017.

“In my opinion, Ms Caughlin’s allegations do not merit a full investigation and the FBI did not comply with the department’s standard operating procedures,” the ethics office wrote in its December decision.

Ms Couglin said she was not a whistleblower but a victim of retaliation and abuse.

She said she left the agency to escape retaliation and said she feared she might be fired again if she tried to complain to the OCR.

“When the FBI is supposed to protect me, the FBI doesn’t protect me,” she explained.

“And that’s a problem for me.”

The FBI declined to discuss Ms. Tyska’s complaint.

The FBI’s Ethics Office did not immediately respond to CBC News’ request for comment.

Ms Rieder, who worked at the bureau for more than four years, said Ms. Comey’s actions were consistent with the bureau.

“If he did it to me, I would do it again,” she added.

“Why was he so upset about my complaint?”

The bureau said in a statement that Mr. Breen had taken “appropriate disciplinary action” against Ms. Bresnan.

The statement also said Ms Bresnsan was not an employee of any bureau agency.

“Ms. Riefer was a whistleblower who exposed misconduct at the agency,” the statement said.

Mr Wray told reporters Thursday that the bureau is taking steps to ensure compliance with federal law.

“This is an unprecedented case of whistleblower retaliation,” Mr Wraies said.

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