Australia to offer $1,000 for a human rights lawyer

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

The Government is set to announce a new $1.25 million program to provide training and support to lawyers and legal professionals who face discrimination in the workplace.

Key points: The Human Rights Commission will offer a $1 million grant to train lawyers and human resources professionals who have been discriminated against in the pastThere are around 20,000 lawyers in Australia, according to the GovernmentThere are about 3,000 registered human rights lawyers in the countryThere are an estimated 15,000 Australian human rights practitioners in the labour forceCurrently, around 20 per cent of the Australian workforce are lawyers, but the Government has not said how many of them would receive the training.

The Human Rights Commissioner’s Office (HRCO) is set for a major announcement today.

“It is the Human Rights Act that provides for the provision of training for lawyers and the Human Resources and Skills Development Agency (HRSA) is the body that will administer the training program,” Human Rights Minister Scott Morrison said.

“We will be looking to have it be available to all lawyers and HRSA will administer it.”

The funding will provide the training and the support, so that people who have faced discrimination in their workplace, and they may have been victims of discrimination, or who are being discriminated against by employers, can have the support to move forward.

“In a statement, Mr Morrison said the Government wanted to ensure that those facing discrimination were not forgotten and that “all people have the opportunity to learn about the laws that protect them”.”

The training program will help them to develop skills to deal with discrimination in an efficient and effective way,” he said.

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