U.S. Immigration Lawyers Say ‘Degrading’ Immigration Policies Hurt Them

July 25, 2021 0 Comments

The federal government’s response to the deportation of many undocumented immigrants is so draconian that many lawyers have begun using a new term: degrading.

A study by the National Immigration Law Center found that nearly three-quarters of U.A.L. lawyers said their workloads have dropped because of Trump’s actions.

Lawyers in the Los Angeles area and across the country are feeling the squeeze.

The federal agency is trying to stop a wave of deportations that has led to a wave and rise in illegal immigration.

The Trump administration announced the policy last month and has asked Congress to approve a budget to continue it.

Many lawyers said they’ve been overwhelmed by the new restrictions.

“The federal government has a clear interest in limiting the number of deportable people and that’s really what it’s been doing,” said Marissa DeBaca, a San Diego immigration attorney.

“So that’s why we’re here.”

DeBaca and her husband, Michael DeBacy, are among a growing number of immigration lawyers who have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration.

The lawsuit argues that Trump’s policies have created a “dangerous and degrading environment” for immigrants.

The lawyers say they have seen a dramatic drop in their caseloads, as they have been forced to cut their staffs and hire immigrants who may not be eligible for the federal government help they need.

Some are using a different term to describe the new policy.

They call it “degrading.”

In a statement, the Trump transition team said the Justice Department has “decided to enforce existing law to protect the integrity of the immigration system.”

It says the administration will not allow deportation of any U.N. or international student and is seeking “legal and expeditious relief from the courts.”

“Our administration will continue to focus on the safety and security of our country and its citizens, and we will vigorously defend the rule of law,” the statement said.

It was unclear if the Trump officials who have been enforcing immigration laws will stay in the job.

Trump’s Justice Department did not respond to requests for comment.

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