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Today’s #AskTJX employee is J.J. Abrams.

He is a former member of the Star Trek cast, and he has recently started an acting career.

You can read his interview with us on the episode of #AskJ.

J., “Discovery.”

He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in English Literature from Stanford.

Let’s find out what his story is.JJ Abrams: I’m a former cast member of Star Trek and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and I also played Lieutenant Commander Michael Burnham on DS9.

So my resume says that I’ve been an actor since 2001, but it’s not clear when that was.

But I think that was around 2003, and then I went on to become the executive producer and director of CBS’ Star Trek television series, and the last thing I did before that was play the part of Michael Burnam on DS 9.

I have been a full-time employee of CBS since 2007.

So I’ve had a long and successful career in television.

I’m really honored to be part of CBS.TJ: I was a fan of Star Wars when I was younger.

What were your favorite moments in the franchise?

Abrams: Well, I don’t really remember the whole Star Wars canon because I was in a very early phase of Star Tours when I first went on it.

So the ones I remember were those of me on board, or the ones that were with the guys from the bridge.

And the first one I remember was probably the Battle of Endor.

And then the one where I was with my sister, who’s now a full time employee of Disney, and we were on the moon, and she said, “I was on the bridge of the Enterprise when I saw a big, beautiful ship coming toward us.”

And I thought, Wow, that’s really exciting.

So, I think the most memorable moments were when I flew on that ship.

And I think I was flying on that starship.

But when I went into Star Trek II, I got to go to a different planet, where I saw that big ship come closer and closer.TJS: So when you were on that mission, you saw a ship?

Abrams, J. Abrams: Yeah.

TJS: You were on board?


Abrams, TJS, I remember watching it.

Abrams., yeah.

But the moment that really stands out to me was when the ship was coming toward the planet.

And it was a really beautiful moment.

It was really cool.

I remember that, to this day, I still think about it.

I think about that ship and I think of all the amazing things that that ship did.

I’ve got a few friends that were on it, and they were really proud of it.

TJ: What did you think of that sequence?

Abrams., I was pretty happy.

I was just a kid, so I was like, “Wow, I wish I could have gotten to see that.”

I mean, that was the biggest moment of StarTrek, I guess.

And that was an incredible moment for me to see, so that was probably my favorite one.TJB: Were there any special things you remember that you didn’t have in Star Trek?

Abrams.: Well, there was the whole thing with the Enterprise and the Enterprise’s new captain, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, because that’s a character I didn’t get to play, but I think my favorite character in the series was the Borg Queen.

And she was a Borg Queen!

It was one of my favorite things in the entire franchise.

She was a villain, but she was so clever and so cool.

And in the first season of Star, she was kind of a villain and she was really kind of the antithesis of the Captain Picard, so to speak.

But in the second season, she actually got a little bit more, I suppose, than she had.

But yeah, I mean she was definitely a cool villain.TJC: What are some of your favorite things about working on Star Trek Beyond?

Abrams:”I love playing a character who is sort of the opposite of me.

I love playing someone who has to deal, like, with a lot of things.

I like being the villain, so the other characters don’t have to deal.

I also like being in a role where I have to do a lot, so it’s kind of like being on the front lines of a war.

So it’s really fun to be a part of that.TJA: I remember reading a story a few years ago that was about you, Jana Kramer, and how she had to deal not only with the Borg but with the Klingons and the Cardassians as well.

And how she dealt with those challenges.

Abrams:”That’s a good question.

I actually didn’t think about the Klingens.

I didn, because they’re not like Kling

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