Feds Seek ‘Bipartisan’ Fix for Cybercrime, Fraud & Harassment of Government Employees

August 3, 2021 0 Comments

Feds are looking for bipartisan solutions to tackle the problem of cybercrime, fraud and harassment of government employees.

The Justice Department and the Office of Personnel Management announced the “Fusion of Civilian Cybersecurity & Financial Crimes” initiative today to address “the cyberthreats posed by cybercriminals and cyberthreat actors.”

The DOJ and OPM are seeking public input on how the initiatives should be implemented.

The new initiative would provide federal agencies with tools and resources to “provide a clear, robust, and comprehensive cybersecurity posture to ensure that the federal government has the resources it needs to protect the Nation from cyberattacks and cyber-based threats.”

“Cybercrime threatens our nation’s security, our democracy, and our economy,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a statement.

“The American people deserve a government that protects them, and this initiative is an important step in our ongoing efforts to strengthen our nation against cyber-attacks and other forms of cyber-enabled threats.

I’m pleased that the Congress has recognized that, too.”

The DOJ is currently working on legislation to make it easier for victims of cyberbullying to file complaints.

The legislation also seeks to expand the definition of “cyberbullying” to include “verbal, physical, and other malicious acts.”

The bill would also “establish a Cyberbullying Resource Center to provide resources to victims and their families, including assistance with the filing of civil complaints and providing information to help them obtain support from the civil rights community.”

The FBI is also looking into ways to improve cyberbullied workers’ ability to report cyberbullies to authorities.

The Cybersecurity and Privacy Coordinator, Mark L. O’Brien, has been appointed to the Cybersecurity Working Group, which is chaired by the Director of National Intelligence.

O’Brien will lead the Cybercrime Working Group and the Department of Justice’s National Security Cyber Division.

OBrien will report directly to the Secretary of the Department, and will report to the Deputy Attorney General for National Security Affairs.

The group will have a role in advising the White House and the White Houses National Security Council on issues related to cybercrime and cyberbulliness.

Ombudsman positions in the FBI, DOJ, the Office for Civil Rights, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology would be open to civilian candidates.

The Cybersecurity working group would also work to ensure cybercriminal justice systems have sufficient resources and personnel to respond to these serious threats.

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