The most expensive states to live in: How pricey is Hawaii?

August 3, 2021 0 Comments

Hawaii is the most expensive place to live nationally, with median home values exceeding $2 million, according to a new report from real estate website Trulia.

The median price in Hawaii was $3.2 million in 2017, the highest in the country, according the report.

Hawaii’s median home price has also risen by 20 percent since last year, Trulia found.

Hawaii was ranked No. 3 on Trulia’s list of the 10 priciest states for 2018.

The average median home value in Hawaii is $1.8 million, Truba said.

Honolulu, the state’s capital city, is home to the University of Hawaii, which is ranked No .1 in the U.S. for quality of life per capita.

Hawaii also has the second-highest median income in the nation at $53,946.

The state has the fourth-highest rate of people living in poverty, with 4.3 percent of the population living in that position in 2017.

Trulia did not provide figures on the median price of houses in Honolulu, but noted that the average house is only $1,000 to $1 and $1 million to $2.3 million, depending on size and location.

Hawaii ranked No!4 in the 2017 report on affordability, and it’s No. 4 this year, the report found.

The highest-priced home in Honolulu is in the 1,964-square-foot, 1,400-square foot, two-bedroom house at 521 East Main Street.

The house has a 4,200 square foot backyard with swimming pool and outdoor seating.

It was built in 2008, Trubul said.

The most affordable house in Hawaii comes in at No. 7, Trulia reported.

The 4,700-square feet, 2,500-square, two bedroom house at 909 South Aloha Place is on the market for $4,000,000.

The 2,000-square meter, one-bathroom, three-bedroom, two bath, three bedroom, one bathroom, one bedroom, two bathrooms, two baths, two bedrooms, one bath, two bathroom, two rooms is listed for $3,995,000 in Honolulu.

Hawaii is a hotbed for luxury properties, Trumbo said.

“It’s the land of the rising tide and the people who own them are all very wealthy,” he said.

Trumbo has been on the Honolulu real estate scene for several years, working for Trulia, which has been ranked No 1 in the region for a decade.

Truba, Trumans executive vice president of sales and marketing, said Trulia has been in Hawaii since 2005 and is the country’s second-largest real estate search company.

He said Hawaii is “one of the few places in the United States that’s growing rapidly.”

“There’s a wealth of opportunity in the Pacific Northwest,” Trumbo added.

“The people who live here have the ability to get to the top.”

The Hawaii home prices were up 17 percent in 2017 over the previous year, according in Trulia report.

Trumorun also listed the state of Washington as a hot spot for home buyers.

“Home values are soaring across Washington state and across the Northwest,” said Truba.

“As the housing market has recovered, home prices have increased by about 15 percent, the largest increase in nearly a decade, with homes now worth an average of $1-2 million.”

Honolulu is a popular destination for vacationers, who often move there for the best price and affordability, Trumi said.

Hawaii has more than 100,000 residents and nearly 5 million visitors a year, so Truba hopes the new Trulia rankings will help residents compare their own homes.

Trubun said that Hawaii’s affordability has not been a factor in home sales, although Truba has seen some house sales increase.

Truimulia’s Trulia survey found that only about 20 percent of residents in Hawaii were satisfied with their homes, while just under 15 percent of people in Honolulu said they were satisfied.

Trumbulia said Trubu is looking for other factors that can help people find the best home for them.

“I think what’s important is people are able to compare their properties and their needs and their budget,” Trububu said.

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