The list of employers who have closed their UK offices for the summer

August 4, 2021 0 Comments

The number of employers closing UK offices in the summer has reached its peak, with the number of employees being sent home from these facilities falling by a quarter since last summer.

This year, about 4,500 UK staff have been sent home to winter holiday, while about 3,500 more were sent home for summer.

In a bid to reduce the impact of Brexit, the Government has put the closure date at the end of September, but with the end coming in November, it is likely to be an extended period of time.

The Government has also announced it is increasing the number for those with the job security to the equivalent of three months’ annual leave.

It said:The Government will continue to encourage businesses to use their existing resources and invest in the skills and skills development that will be needed to support their workers.

“Our Government will not back down from our commitment to work with businesses to ensure they have the tools to meet the demands of a changing workforce.”

A total of 7,836 staff have left the UK since last September.

It is understood about 300 of these staff were sent back to work by the Government’s Jobcentre Plus in the months following the Brexit vote, but the majority of these were later withdrawn.

About 3,100 of the remaining 4,000 employees have been given two weeks notice to leave, while the rest of the workforce is expected to be sent home in December.

Many of the staff are in part-time roles, but many will be able to return to full-time employment, with companies saying they will be offered an incentive package to retain them.

The number of people who have been removed from the UK to take up work in other countries has also increased, with employers reporting a significant increase in the number who have left.

However, the figures are likely to remain very low as employers have a limited amount of time to prepare for the change, which is expected at the start of next year.

The UK Government said:This summer, there were more than 4,100 UK-based staff in the UK who were sent overseas.

As part of the Government-led UK Jobcentres Plus initiative, there will be a two-week time limit for people to return from overseas.

“Employers have had to make the difficult decision to put their staff back in the country, with many deciding to take a risk,” said John Cruden, director of the UK JobCentres Plus, which represents employers.

“While it is always important that they get back to their workforce as quickly as possible, the cost of doing so can be very high and it is also affecting business productivity.”

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