HR head to meet with teachers after new report says students weren’t taught how to use social media

August 9, 2021 0 Comments

VP News – 6:06 PM PT On Tuesday, HR head Diane Hendricks met with her first-ever school board meeting and announced that she will be visiting teachers at four charter schools in the district.

“We have a responsibility to educate our students, and we’re not there yet,” Hendricks said at the meeting.

“We need to give them the tools and tools to make sure they’re successful in the workforce.”

Hendricks, who is also the new president of the Board of Education, said she will meet with all of the teachers to discuss their concerns and offer them a better understanding of how to improve the district’s schools.

Hendrick said she wants to work with teachers to improve communication skills, to better engage students in school, and to make the district more accessible to families.

She also said she is committed to working with parents to provide additional resources to teachers, including increased hours, extra classroom space, and new tutoring services.

Hindricks also said that the district will make its school day more flexible.

It will allow teachers to work during the school day and will allow students to attend school after 10:30 p.m. instead of 4:30 a.m., which will allow more time for school-aged students to work on homework and participate in extracurricular activities.

Hendsons also said the district is looking at the possibility of establishing a new special-education program.

“I have been very clear that I am not comfortable with any type of school-to-school transition,” Hendricks told the board.

“There are many ways to make this happen.

But I am very open to the idea that we may be able to work together to create a school-based transition, which is something that we can do.”

Hendsens decision comes amid reports that some students at the district are learning online, instead of by watching video.

The district says the online lessons are being taught in classrooms in response to the reports.

Hills office has been reviewing the district in response.

She said she has been working with the district on a plan for the future of the district and how it can improve.

“The district is making good progress, and I am committed to doing everything we can to make it even better,” Hendricks added.

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