How to get a job in the financial services industry

The global job market is in crisis.

This is not a matter of people “getting laid off” or “getting out of the job market.”

The global economy is in the throes of an unprecedented collapse.

The global financial system is in freefall.

And the global economy as a whole is at risk of a major economic meltdown.

And this is the job-creation problem.

The job-growth problem?

What is the problem?

How is the world going to get back on track?

And how can we prevent it from happening?

In a global economy of 800 million people, how do you make sure the economy is sustainable?

That is the question at the heart of this week’s global job summit.

On Tuesday, the OECD released its latest jobs report, showing a huge global job shortage.

The world lost nearly 300,000 jobs in May, with the unemployment rate reaching a record high of 11.1 per cent.

At the same time, China added more than 40,000 new jobs.

In addition, Canada added just over 25,000 in May.

In the U.S., the unemployment and labour force participation rate hit its highest level since February, as the baby boomers entered retirement and the working-age population reached its highest rate since World War II.

And in Canada, a record low of just over 2 per cent unemployment was recorded on Monday.

But there is much more to the story.

For the first time, the world’s largest economy is experiencing a recession.

The economy contracted by nearly a fifth in May from a year earlier, as factories and other businesses shut down and the demand for workers shrank.

The biggest losers were young people who have been left behind by the global financial crisis.

The unemployment rate among this group has increased by more than 20 percentage points since May 2015.

And young people are especially vulnerable.

According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, there are more than one million young people in Canada now, many of them graduates.

These young people often do not have the experience, or the qualifications, to be in a steady job.

For them, the unemployment problem is an existential threat.

This could mean they have no way of keeping a roof over their heads.

Or that they have nowhere to turn for help if their employer is forced to close down.

And for many, this is just the beginning of the problem.

What will be the impact of the global job crisis?

The most obvious impact will be on the people who are most at risk.

These are the young people and graduates who are currently most at the bottom of the employment ladder.

For most of them, there will be no new jobs to offer.

They will just be looking for a temporary fix.

And what is the best way to get someone who has not yet found work into a position to get the skills they need to get into a better one?

The world is facing a severe job shortage right now.

And we need to be thinking beyond the simple issue of finding workers for those who are unable to find work.

What we should be doing is investing in training the next generation of job seekers and giving them the tools to find and get into jobs.

We should be investing in job creation, so that young people can get the training they need, the skills, the experience to get better jobs, and that we have enough skilled workers to keep pace with a growing population.

But this is a problem for every country.

And that means investing in the training of people to meet the challenges that our global economy faces.

It is not enough to look for the best workers.

We need to find the best people to fill those jobs.

The solution to this global job problem will require a global approach to training.

We can do that by looking beyond the training sector.

The OECD is starting with a comprehensive approach.

It will look at the challenges facing every country in the world and the training sectors that are the heart and soul of their economies.

And it will look to what countries are doing to invest in training and education.

As a matter, it will include a new global blueprint for training and employment that will provide a framework for the global workforce and the economy.

In Canada, we have the most ambitious, comprehensive plan for training in the OECD.

We will invest $10 billion in a new Canadian Job Corps and a new apprenticeship system that will bring hundreds of thousands of new jobs and training opportunities to Canada.

In Australia, we will build an international network of job-training centres across the country.

We have also taken a long-term approach to job-skills training.

As part of our $400 billion investment to modernize our economy, we are going to invest more than $200 million in apprenticeships and training for young people.

In Europe, we’ve got our own apprenticeship model.

And I think the OECD’s global blueprint is going to help us achieve a similar outcome.

But our plan is not

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