How to deal with a customer who’s not paying for your service

Comcast has been facing criticism for a policy that forces customers to pay for its network when they switch to an upgrade.

But the company says that when customers switch from a non-over-the-top tier to a higher-tier one, they can’t switch over and lose service.

That’s because Comcast will retain its network, as well as any upgrades that customers have made.

Comcast said in a statement Monday that the policy was implemented in response to customer feedback and that it has been a “comprehensive and transparent process” to help consumers understand the options available.

The policy is a good first step, Comcast said.

The company has faced criticism for the policy.

A review by Ars found that Comcast charges more for upgrades, which it said were justified by the upgrade’s “unimpeded” access to high-speed Internet connections.

“If Comcast does not want customers to upgrade to the upgraded tier, it can easily switch to the non-upgraded tier,” said Andrew J. Berg, the group’s president and chief legal officer.

Comcast’s upgrade policies have been controversial for years.

A 2008 survey found that a majority of Comcast customers were willing to pay more for better network access.

“This is a major change in how Comcast works,” said Bill Kober, a senior fellow at the consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge, in a recent blog post.

“As it is, customers are being asked to pay a higher price for a lower quality of service.

The upgrade is not worth it.”

Comcast has faced complaints about its upgrade policies in the past.

Last year, for instance, a Comcast customer in Colorado filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company’s upgrade plan was misleading, charging customers extra for their broadband.

Comcast eventually agreed to change the upgrade pricing, which led to the refund of the customers’ charges.

“The vast majority of customers are happy with the upgrades they’re receiving and want to continue using their service,” Comcast said at the time.

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