What’s going on with the HR division at UC San Francisco?

An internal memo leaked to Motherboard revealed that UC San Diego Human Resources was planning to fire a human resources assistant after she complained that she was not getting the same amount of attention from the HR department.

The memo, which was sent to several members of the Human Resources Executive Team on March 15, explained that HR was considering firing the woman after she refused to receive the same pay and promotions as other HR staffers.

The woman told the HR staff that she wanted to be compensated for the time she spent with her clients, according to the memo.

The HR employee also complained that they did not get the same level of attention she did.

According to the report, the HR employee claimed that the Human Resource Department was too slow to respond to her requests for information about her salary and promotions.

However, the memo says that UCSC Human Resources did not give her a raise until she complained about the lack of attention.

The human resources executive was reportedly unhappy with the lack a raise because it was “a major blow to her morale.”

This isn’t the first time that HR has been at the center of controversy.

In 2015, HR reportedly failed to respond adequately to an employee who complained about how her pay was being manipulated.

A spokesperson for UCSC told the San Francisco Chronicle that HR’s office was looking into the issue and that they “did not tolerate any improper conduct.”

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