What’s on your workday? – WSJ

By Susan KraussThe WSJ/NBC News StaffWASHINGTON —  What is your day like at work?

A job well done or a tough day at work might be a good answer, but it can be hard to figure out.

We asked HR specialists at the nation’s largest employers, including CMS, to share their thoughts.

Here’s what they said:The best place to start is to look at how often you are in your job, which helps us track how your work is affecting your health and your overall well-being.

What about your work schedule?

It’s a big part of your job performance.

I find it’s the number of hours in the office that matters the most, says Nancy Daley, senior director of HR.

My job is to help you succeed in this challenging industry.

There are so many variables in the workplace, and many factors go into a job well-done.

If I’m not at the desk doing the job, it’s because I’m on the couch.

For example, if you’re working from home, your time is spent sitting at a computer, not at your desk.

How much do you spend on your health insurance?

Many employers offer health insurance, but the policies vary from employer to employer.

Many employers also offer benefits such as paid time off, health savings accounts, flexible working arrangements, paid vacation and other benefits.

Some companies offer a flexible working schedule for those who don’t have insurance, allowing employees to work at home for part or all of the workday and for free.

If you have a pre-existing condition, there’s a way to keep your job and get a paid leave for the same reason.

Some employers also pay for pre-screening, which allows workers to get insurance coverage in the event of a health problem.

You may not be able to get paid leave, but there are many other benefits, like flexible working and health insurance.

Your job may be stressful, but you can get your priorities straight.

Don’t worry about your personal life.

It’s just a part of the job.

If you’re stressed out, it can hurt your overall health and well-functioning.

If your employer’s health plan covers your health care expenses, you can count on that.

What’s on the mind?

The stress and pressure of the industry can affect the way you think, which can lead to a lot of anxiety and depression, says Mary Jane Wertz, assistant director of corporate communications at HR firm Ernst & Young.

It’s important to remember that the stress and anxiety of a job can be alleviated if you can maintain calm and focus in the face of the challenges that you face, she says.

The good news is that most employers allow employees to leave the office to spend more time with family or friends.

But you may not have that option.

Do you have to leave?

Not necessarily.

If an employer offers flexible working, you may be able use it to keep some of your time.

An employee can also use a personal time-share program like Skype to keep an eye on their work.

And you don’t need to leave your job to take advantage of paid vacation or sick leave.

As long as you’re able to do the work you do, you’re good to go.

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