How the University of Texas System is hiring to help make a ‘better’ world

On the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that requires universities to provide “reasonable accommodation” to transgender students, the University and Texas System are both looking for a workforce that will better meet the needs of their diverse student body.

The two entities are looking to fill positions at various levels.

While UT-Austin’s human resources director, Rebecca Lein, is leading the search for a human resources manager for the Texas System, the other candidates are being recruited from a variety of departments.

For example, the UT-Arlington School of Engineering is looking for an IT specialist, a computer-programming engineer, and a software engineer, among others.

The University of the Incarnate Word, a historically black college in Texas, is looking to add a woman to its leadership team.

Lein said she has also reached out to the UTS System’s Board of Regents to inquire about the university’s hiring process.

“I know there’s an opportunity for some of the most talented people, and I hope that they take advantage of it,” Lein told Vice News.

“I’m just looking for the best people for these jobs, and that includes people of color and gender nonconforming people, people who are LGBTQI-inclusive.”

UT-Houston is looking into a position for an HR Director and an Executive Assistant to be part of the Diversity and Equity Committee, according to a press release from the school.

The school is also looking for additional diversity-related positions.

“Our goal is to be a top-tier university,” said UT-HE Director of Diversity and Community Engagement Stephanie Ritchie.

“We’re proud of the diversity and inclusion we’ve already experienced on campus.

It’s the best we can do to further our goal of becoming a top university.”

UT Austin Chancellor of Public Policy and Government Chris Wainwright said that UT-Holland is also hiring.

“The University of Houston has been a leader in the fight against discrimination, and we welcome the opportunity to work with UT-HOLLAND to expand the range of people of different backgrounds and perspectives to our diverse student population,” Wainright said in a statement.

“In this regard, I am thrilled to announce that our new Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Julie Williams, has been named the new Vice President of Student Engagement.”

UTs Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has also hired a diversity consultant to oversee its efforts to promote diversity.

In its announcement, UT-Dallas’ Diversity and Inclusiveness Director Michael C. Wilson said that he will be leading the group.

“Working closely with the Diversity, Inclusion and Affirmative Action team, I will continue to provide leadership to support our diversity and equity initiatives, as well as ensure that we meet our community expectations,” Wilson said.

UT-Lubbock’s Human Resources Director for Diversity, Equality and Inclusive, Rebecca B. Nance, told Vice that the department will be “making further announcements on the hiring of qualified individuals.”

“The UT-LOB has recently hired a senior VP of Human Resources to assist with the hiring and training of a Diversity, Affirmive Action and Diversity and Gender Equity team,” Nance said in the statement.

She also noted that the UT campus will have “an open and inclusive process for hiring and evaluating qualified individuals who are qualified to fill a position.”

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