Texas workers: You can’t be fired for reporting abuse

Workers at a Texas health care system reported that a human resources officer was fired after reporting sexual harassment, sexual assault and retaliation by supervisors.

Human resources director Kevin Stott said in a statement that he was fired Wednesday for violating department policy.

“This is a matter of serious concern to me and the entire organization,” Stott wrote in a letter to the public affairs office of the Department of Public Health.

“I sincerely apologize to the women who have suffered through this experience and I will continue to support them and their families.”

Stott, who has worked for the Houston-area hospital system for 14 years, said in the statement that the incident occurred over a year ago.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the HR director told staff that Stott and the HR department did not conduct an internal investigation of the allegations because they were never filed with the department.

The newspaper reported that Stotts assistant director, a woman named Sandra, reported that her supervisor told her that he would do anything for a raise if she made the first sexual advance toward him, which was a lie.

The woman reported the allegation to a supervisor in March, and Stott told the Chronicle that the woman was fired from her position in January.

The Human Resources Director’s letter said that Stowts staff did not file the report until Feb. 1, six months after the alleged incident.

The report states that Statt’s supervisor told Stott that she would be fired if she reported the matter to anyone other than him.

The human resources director told the newspaper that the employee was fired because he “violated the department’s code of conduct.”

Stotting told the paper that the harassment began after a coworker reported the alleged harassment to a HR official.

Stott did not return NBC News’ request for comment Wednesday.

The women, who work for a regional hospital system, have not returned NBC News calls seeking comment.