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The NFL’s salary cap has been the subject of controversy since the start of the league’s 2016 season, with the league claiming it is $200 million in the red.

That was a stretch, given that the league is expected to be in the black by the end of the month.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, the NFL Players Association said that figure is “basically incorrect,” and that the real number is $275 million.

While the league says it has $100 million in cash on hand, that number could go up when new television contracts and other revenue streams are considered.

It’s not as if the league isn’t hoping to recoup some of the lost revenue, either.

The NFL will likely re-sign some of its best players this offseason, including running back LeSean McCoy and cornerback Darrelle Revis, as well as free agents such as running back DeMarco Murray, linebacker DeForest Buckner, safety Harrison Smith and cornerback Byron Maxwell.

But the league has not indicated how it plans to recouce those players’ contracts from those contracts, nor how many players it will release.

While it is possible the salary cap could be increased for next season, it is unlikely to be enough to get the salary-cap figure down.

What it means for the league, players and the NFLPA The NFL is also set to receive an additional $15 million per year from the NFLPPA, the union representing players.

The union, which is a separate entity from the league and is not bound by the collective bargaining agreement, would receive $2.8 million from the collective bargaining agreement for next year, according to the AP.

The league’s other bargaining partner, the AFL-CIO, would get $1.9 million per player, which will be used for salary-revenue purposes.

The players union would receive about $30 million in total, which would be used to fund the salaries of the current players and their families.

While players unions typically make the bulk of their money from the salary caps, the players union has a larger share of the pie than other players unions.

The NBA, for instance, has been a big winner in the past with its cap.

But with the cap in the $125 million range, the league may find that it can only afford to keep players in the league for a couple of seasons, not the entire 10.

The cap has also helped to create an uneven playing field for players of color, who often have to compete for jobs in the front office or coaching staffs.

Some players of colour, including DeSean Jackson and Arian Foster, have struggled to find jobs with other teams, which has impacted the salaries for some of them.

There’s also speculation that the NFL could introduce new rules for salary cap purposes.

A player like Revis or McCoy, who can make up to $25 million per season, could see a cap increase if they were able to make more than the $275-million projection.

That could help them stay in the NFL and avoid being cut.

The salary cap will only get more complicated for the next few years.

The new television deal could increase the cap by a whopping $25.5 million per team, but the new salary cap rules could potentially limit what the league can pay players who signed with other organizations, such as the 49ers, Steelers or Eagles.

If those changes are implemented, the cap could rise to a staggering $400 million, which could push the league over the cap.

What’s next?

The NFLPA is currently negotiating with the NFL to finalize its contract with the union.

A deal would then have to be approved by both sides before it can take effect.

If the union approves the new deal, it will have to pay the NFL roughly $1 billion to keep the cap down.

It would need to pay $750 million annually to cover the salary of the players and family members.

If a new deal isn’t signed by March 16, the salary will be capped at $200.

If it’s not signed, the deal will go into effect after the league season ends.

If that happens, the next step would be for the union to file a lawsuit against the league to have it changed.

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