How to get the job you’re seeking in PwC

An online job search tool to help job seekers land their next big job, according to PwCs chief executive officer.

J.P. Verma says the firm’s CareerCast platform is helping to ensure the most qualified candidates are considered for the most lucrative jobs.

Verma says CareerCast is an online job seeker tool that is used by more than 20,000 job seekers each month.

In addition to helping job seekers find their next jobs, the company says it has also helped thousands of candidates get interviews with employers in the last year.

According to CareerCast, job seekers are offered jobs ranging from marketing and human resources to finance, finance and legal.

Job seekers are also offered opportunities for networking, career development and career coaching.

“We’ve seen more candidates than ever, and the vast majority of these are coming out of the US,” Verma told Business Insider.

PwCs is not the only one to offer a job search platform.

In August, LinkedIn announced it was offering a job seeker app that allows job seekers to find their ideal jobs.

LinkedIn is also working on a service that will let job seekers track their job search progress.

The company has not yet announced pricing or availability.

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