Which Disney World jobs are most likely to go overseas?

New York City human resources agency Disney Worldwide is seeking to hire up to 1,000 people in China to help fill vacancies that are not filled by Disney employees, the Associated Press reported.

Disney Worldwide hired 3,000 Chinese employees to help with its “Big Hero 6” film and other projects in China in the first half of this year, and plans to add as many as 1,500 more to help the company fulfill the demand for talent. 

According to an internal memo obtained by the AP, Disney is currently recruiting about 400 Chinese-language job candidates. 

“The goal of this initiative is to find the most qualified Chinese-speaking candidates that we can, and then to apply for their positions through a recruitment process,” said Disney spokesman Joe Pertwee.

“We’ve been looking for candidates for some time, and we’re always looking for more qualified candidates.” 

The Disney World human resources division also is searching for an outside talent agency to help bring in talent for the upcoming release of the live-action movie adaptation of “Frozen.” 

“There are no restrictions on who we can bring in,” said Perthewee in an email to the AP. 

The hiring of Chinese workers has been controversial in the past. 

A Disney employee wrote in a blog post last month that “Disney has not done anything to increase the amount of people from China who are hired by the company.” 

Disney’s recruitment efforts have been controversial from the beginning, as the company has faced criticism that it has been recruiting and retaining employees overseas.

The company has been criticized for hiring people with no experience, even people who have no experience.

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