Chicago hires 1,100 more employees in 2016

Chicago is one of a handful of U.S. cities that are hiring more people than they’ve been since the recession.

According to a new report from the Chicago Human Resources Commission, the city has hired nearly 1,200 more employees this year, and it has been adding people at a pace faster than any other city in the nation.

The report, which covers 2016, marks the first year in which the number of new employees has been more than double the number that have left.

The total increase of new hires in the city since 2010 is an annual rate of more than 1,800 new hires per year.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the city is seeing “significant” job growth, especially in its tech sector.

He says that he’s also heard from many in the industry that Chicago is becoming more hospitable to companies looking to hire new workers, but that he hopes that can continue for years to come.

“The fact that we’ve added so many people in such a short time, and the fact that the economy is doing well, that’s a good thing for us,” Emanuel said.

“I think that is a great sign that we are moving in the right direction.”

Emanuel says that the city was able to bring in the largest number of qualified candidates for positions over the last few years.

But the report does not cover all the employees who have left the city, and many of those who have been let go are doing so without pay, which can be a big problem for some employees.

A few of the employees in the report who have filed grievances say that they have been left out of their jobs because of that.

In the past year, more than 60 employees have left because they did not have the skills or experience needed to fill the positions that they had been hired for.

In addition, the report found that there were some employees who had been fired for leaving or for leaving in bad faith.

The city’s job market continues to improve, however, and Emanuel says there is still room for growth.

The city says that it has seen an uptick in the number and quality of positions available for hires in recent years, and he says that there are still opportunities for hiring in the tech sector that are being filled.

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