How do you hire the right people for your startup?

Recode’s chief technology correspondent and former Yahoo employee Matt Cutts has written about tech for years.

Now, he’s bringing his insights to Recode, where he’ll help the show’s founders and reporters create stories that have the power to change the way we do business.

In a story for Recode today titled How do I hire the best people for my startup?

Cutts joins Recode to discuss the company he co-founded, how he created a new way to help the world in 2017, and why he’s excited about the future of technology.

You’ll also hear from the founder of the popular app Snapchat and the founder and CEO of an online book store, who’ll also be joining the show to talk about their journey.

We also dive into a new trend called the new work environment.

We’re talking about how the new economy has changed the way work is done, and the role of technology and innovation in that transition.

You can listen to this story on the Recode app or with the podcast.

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In this interview, they’ll explore how a company like Recode can be so successful while still having to navigate the current and future economic storm.

They’ll also discuss how they’re working to help their employees succeed.

We’re proud to be on the show, and we hope you’ll tune in for our special episode with Recode co-founder Adam Sher, CEO of Recode and former tech editor-at-large Ezra Klein, and Recode senior editor Matt Cutt.

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