Man arrested after stabbing a colleague at the same company

MANCHESTER, N.H. — A man is in custody after allegedly stabbing a former colleague at a company he worked for in Manchester, New Hampshire.

According to the Manchester Police Department, officers were called to the apartment of Daniel Pemberton on Friday morning.

He told police that a woman had been harassing him for three days.

She left a note on his door saying she wanted to “fuck my ass.”

He told police he was going to call the police.

Pemberton said he went to work at the company and that his ex-girlfriend called the company’s HR department and told them that he had threatened her.

He said he left the office around 11 a.m. and went to the car to get a cab to return home.

Penderton told police the company had not been notified that a coworker had left.

Police were called and a search of the apartment was conducted.

They found a knife, two bags of marijuana, two packages of marijuana and $6,000 in cash, according to police.

Penderton was arrested.

Police said he had not used marijuana in six months and was on probation for domestic violence.

He was not allowed to work.

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